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Mommy & Me designs that are modern and fashion forward.

About Me!

Our founder Kamilya Lahlou-decided to take it upon herself to innovate unique styles that inspire women and girls to feel empowered and beautiful. Through her brand, Kamilya is challenging preconceived notions and stigmas surrounding motherhood and female empowerment by proving that a dedicated working mother can also be it all - in the home and at the Office - and also absolutely be fashion-savvy! 
I say I am not an "Influencer" I am a " Momfluencer "
I want to disrupt the Mommy & Me space and concentrate on fashion. I hope you love what I have poured me heart and soul into and enjoy looking stylish with your girls to!

Our Brand!

At GLK Apparel, we are dedicated to setting new standards in fashion for the modern mother and child. From everyday living to formal attire, GKL uses only quality fabrics and materials, to create luxury clothing for Mommy & Me designed to be the perfect, confident, and the sassiest outfit for any occasion.


Comfortable, stylish, and meticulously constructed to provide the perfect fit, GKL Apparel is committed to bringing you personally curated fashion forward ensembles by our founder for every season. From every single design sketch, until each garment finds its way into your closet, GKL is invested in your new look. As a minority, female-owned and all female-employed business, GKL isn't just a clothing brand--it’s a movement dedicated to inspiring all women to embrace their passions and pursue their dreams while looking classy and feeling strong. With an objective to revolutionize the Mommy & Me fashion industry, GKL Apparel is a testament to the fact that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

 GKL Apparel is Modern, we are Strong, and we are Confident!

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